​About Us:

J&S Properties  was established with the intent of providing good, quality,  re-imagined homes at an attractive price to the Central Florida market.  Every home that J&S Properties puts their name on has to answer 3 essential questions.

Number 1:   Can the home be re-imagined in a cost effective way that allows us to maximize the square footage, while providing the end buyer with  most of todays cutting edge new construction amenities?

Number 2:    Is the home in a location and price point that is attractive to buyers?

Number 3:    ​Is this home one in which we would stake our name and reputation on?

We purchase these homes in collaboration with our partners using  realtors, our network of real estate Investors, and our marketing to  the general public under the heading of   "​​We Buy Houses:  Fast Cash, Fair Price, Quick Close"